Bockrath's work provides one view that takes it all in and, at the same time, finds beauty in its contradictions.

Dan Tranberg The Plain Dealer

...Bockrath is precociously talented, intelligent, ambitious and independent. Ten years from now, she is likely to have a firmly established national reputation. Smart collectors will get in at the ground floor.

Frank GreenThe Free Times

As in the swirling, mighty images of the great English painter of elemental dramas J.M.W. Turner, Bockrath’s work re-imagines the towering grandeur of the “sublime,” a three-way conversation between human experience, the forces of nature, and an intuition of the divine.

Douglas Max UtterCAN Journal

Bockrath's pictures evoke thoughts that are as timely as they are rich with the drama of our daily lives.

Dan TranbergThe Plain Dealer
Soaring Beyond the Divide / Lissa Bockrath at Lesko Gallery
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Bockrath Gallery set to show “Shades of Light”
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